Sketchbook Notecards

I live in an old adobe house in rural northern New Mexico.  I fill my journals with drawings of the plants, animals, insects and landscapes that surround me.  These explorations become the “Sketchbook Journal” cards.

All cards are folded, 5″x7″, enclosed in a clear plastic sleeve, and printed on an Epson Stylus Photo R2400 printer.  The retail price is $5.00 each.  © Julie Wagner 2011

The numbers for the cards are:

FL 01, FL 02, FL 03

FL 04, FL 05, FL 06

FL 07, JP 01, JP 02

JP 04, LS 01, LS 02

LS 03, LS 04, LS 05


About Julie Wagner

I was born in Wisconsin, and grew up on the east coast, wandering the woods, collecting leaves, bones, and bugs. After earning a BA from Oberlin College, studying sculpture at the Brooklyn Museum School, and receiving an MFA in sculpture from the Rhode Island School of Design, I moved to a rural town in northern New Mexico where I live with my blacksmith husband, and a long series of dogs and cats. My work is based on the natural environment where I live, maps, scientific diagrams and microscopic images. My work is in public and private collections throughout the United States and Europe.
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4 Responses to Sketchbook Notecards

  1. Kim Scanlon says:

    Hello – I’m quite fond of your work (which I found through the “Decorated Journal.”) I’m wondering if you might ever be amenable to considering allowing me to license one of your paintings and using it as a graphic on my website? (I’m a musician, writer, and teacher in Seattle.) Regardless, all blessings. Your work is quite alive! Warmly, Kim Scanlon

    • Julie Wagner says:

      Hi Kim, Thanks for your inquiry. Which of my paintings are you interested in licensing? And how would it be used on your website? Is your website up now, and what is the link to it? I am interested in working something out with you, but I think I need more information. Let’s talk some more. Thanks, Julie

  2. Beverly S Edwards says:

    A friend in Santa Fe sent me one of your Amaryllis cards that she had purchased some time ago. I absolutely love your work and hope that I can purchase some of the cards. Can you tell me where I can find them.

    Many thanks!

    • Julie Wagner says:

      Thank you for your inquiry and for your appreciation of my work. You can order cards directly from me. They are $5.00 each or $32.00 for 8, plus postage, which is usually $5 or less. I will send you an email with a sheet of all the cards, and information for ordering. Thanks, Julie

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